Han Chong was honoured to have the chance to take this luxury brand on the next stage of its journey.
The Roland Mouret brand already has a powerful and respected legacy which he has long respected: it represents excellence in luxury, craft and brilliant design.
He is also so happy that Roland himself is be a part of this next chapter.

The first thing Han and Roland did was to strip things back to the origins of the brand, and focus on the DNA that launched the house at the beginning; precise tailoring, sharp chic dresses, incredible attention to detail, fit and craft.
The most important thing for both of them is to protect and pay respect to the brand in a modern way nurturing its values, and DNA...that is our long term goal for ensuring its success for the future. But communicating and delivering to a global customer in innovative ways.
Through Han’s experience, it’s been so important to listen and observe how customers are shopping; they are much more confident and free with their wardrobe choices, and this was important as they enter this next chapter.
In terms of design, Roland stripped things back a lot, and almost started from the beginning again in terms of thinking about the Roland Mouret woman today. He is taking a lot of inspiration from a modern woman’s wardrobe, and how she wants to dress now. He reverted very organically to lot of his staple design codes..from the pleating, to the fit and silhouette; these are part of who he is and come very naturally into his work, but he has played with different fabrications, loosening certain details, and contemporising some of the lengths and proportions.
It’s definitely the same Roland woman and aesthetic, just now through a more updated lens.


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