Daniela Cassab founded her namesake label in 2016 out of her commitment to foster design traditions and empower local communities by bringing exceptional leather craftsmanship from her native Mexico to the World. Relentless in her desire to broaden the Brand's Horizons, she continue to pave the way for upcoming designers not just from Mexico, but from around the world, as she establishes Dancassab as a global Brand.

Handmade in Mexico using traditional construction techniques and natural dyes, each piece is a testament to the exceptional artistry and skills of local leather craftsmen.

Collaboration, integrity and sustainable practices are at the heart of each production cycle. The making of a single garment is a lenghty 4-s days process that requires inmense skill and patience. All leathers are sourced from farms in the vecinity of Mexico City and dyed using an organic process with no harmful effects on the environments. Working exclusively with local farmers, tanners and craftsmen, the Brand prioritizes healt, dignity and safe working conditions for all its collaborators.


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