KATE CATE© is the first shoulder straps only brand.

We offer luxurious bag accessories conceived for effortless and independent people, who are constantly searching for new trends and vibes.

Our design sensibilities are inspired by various forms of beauty, music, art, cinema, and architecture, reinterpreted and crafted with our own touch, creating a new version of the story and making KC synonymous with youth and freedom.

The brand’s creative direction is led by Caterina Ravaglia and Federico Brighi.

Straps are our favourite accessory because they're playful, easy to wear and they're an essential element of contemporary look.

We decided to focus solely on this category in order to create an outstanding product, whose hallmarks are unique designs, first class materials and a painstakingly accurate crafstmanship. Each of our staps is hand made by the best italian leather crafstmen, and it's produced in limited quanitity.

With many appealing styles to choose from, KATE CATE© offers you the chance to instantly revive your bags wardrobe. Just change the strap to give an update to your super-classic handbag, or accessorize it with two, to lend it a super-cool contemporary twist. Upgrade your everyday purses choosing from our iconinc designs, and make them uniquely yours by having your monogram added.

Whatever your bag is, rock it with KATE CATE©.


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